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By gas thermal spraying and laser/plasma cladding:

  • Inovative alternative to chromium and galvanizing
  • High-precision surface engineering
  • Working life increase up to 30 times
  • Hardening, wear and corrosion resistance
  • Attaining required properties without base metal changing


High precision recovery of surface geometry

Thermal spray technologies, applying for internal combustion engine of foreign origin

RF Government Regulation #719 “about Criteria of industrial product designation as industrial product without analogs, produced in Russia”, come into effect at 17 of July, 2015. The main purpose of this Regulation is applying of measures to stimulate the activity in industry, as well as for determinate conditions, prohibitions and limits for using foreign products in accordance to Rule of contracting procurement. There is provided a possibility to get done with competition but to get the joint modern production of necessary details and components going. The State is introducing new rules and requirements - in such case companies it will be able to have privileges only if they admit such rules. It means that foreign automotive companies will have to change their productions in Russia or get out of this market. There will be problems with ensuring compliance of technological specification requirements for manufacturing of internal combustion engine' details, as well as gearbox on the territory of Russia. Usually, such details have to be strength, hard and, at the same time, with high level of durability, wear resistance and antifriction properties. This can be achieved only by applying of thermal spray coatings. The principle of thermal spray is: heating and dispersion of feedstock materials by a heat source, accelerating of molten materials by process gases and its spraying onto a base material, where it solidifies and forms a solid layer of required materials.

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Technologies benefits are:

  • Applying of various materials for obtaining coatings with required properties (almost any material that does not decompose as it is melted; the coating materials can be in wire or powder form);
  • No dilution between coating and base material;
  • Low heat input into details (less than 150 C);
  • Possibility of spraying several layers, each of them will have own purpose (for example, high temperature wear resistance + thermal barrier);
  • No problem with providing safety environment for staff during the thermal spray process (by using various filters).

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Traditional methods mostly can't provide required parameters, which can provide increasing increase lifetime of details (thermochemical treatment, welding, etc), while thermal spray coatings are going to become almost the only solution of this issue.

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Foreign companies successfully applying thermal spray coatings in various fields and variants, which provide durability and high reliability rate of details of their cars.

There are several applications of thermal spray coatings in different countries:

  • Italy – synchronizer rings, gear shift forks, stamps, rolls, parts of aircrafts, parts of hydraulic engine by using semi-automatic and automatic arc spraying, flame and atmospheric plasma spraying;
  • France – clutch diaphragm, gear shift forks, timing housing by using automatic arc spraying;
  • Sweden – synchronizer rings, rocket cones by using automatic arc spraying;
  • Germany – synchronizer rings, gear shift forks by using automatic arc spraying;
  • Spain – gear shift forks, auto synchronizer rings by using semi-automatic and automatic arc spraying, flame and atmospheric plasma spraying;
  • Romania – gearbox housing, synchronizer rings by using automatic arc spraying, atmospheric plasma spraying;
  • Poland – gear shift forks, synchronizer rings by automatic arc spraying;
  • Hungary - auto synchronizer rings by automatic arc spraying.

Plackart company has all of above mentioned technologies.

In particular, Plackart CJSC – the first company in Russia, who carried out such kind of works on various types of parts and details. These developments had demonstrated that applying of wear-resistance coatings, as well as tribotechnical and heat-resistance coatings, allow for reduce weight of engine and friction at the same time, provide standing under quite big permitted loads and improve heat removal from the work area.

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Comparing with the competitors, besides of providing coating services (component manufacturing and repair), Plackart also makes multipurpose spray equipment – flame and atmospheric plasma spray equipment for applying coatings into various car's details (valves, synchronizer rings, gear shift forks, dog ring gearbox, cylinder barrel) in conditions of mass production. These equipment characterized by its high reliability and high rate of deposition efficiency.

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Using of thermal spray coatings in Russian industry will allow not only to solve issue, caused by RF Government Regulation #719 “about Criteria of industrial product designation as industrial product without analogs, produced in Russia”, but also a number of issues, such as ensuring using of environmental friendliness, productive and mobile technologies, which could improve Russian automobile manufacturing filed to European level.


This article describes the issue of foreign automobile producers, which come under RF Government Regulation #719 “about Criteria of industrial product designation as industrial product without analogs, produced in Russia”, including specific challenges they will faced.

In this case thermal spray technologies are considering as a solution for increasing durability of details and parts of internal combustion engine and gearbox. In this context, the experience of Russian company Plackart in thermal spray technologies are presented. Further development and implementation of thermal spray technologies for increasing lifetime of internal combustion engine' details are identified and proved.

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