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Detonation gun Plakart Ob D2

Plakart Detonation gun
Plakart detonation gun

Function. The Ob D2 equipment – a new generation computerized detonation system. The device is designed for depositing wear-resistant, heat-resistant, anti-corrosion and other coatings from following powders:

  • metals (copper, nickel, molybdenum, iron and others);
  • alloys (steel, nichrome, bronze and others);
  • oxides of aluminum, chromium, zirconium, titanium and others;
  • metal-ceramic composites with carbide of tungsten, chromium, titanium, etc;

The coatings are applied on the surfaces of metals, ceramics and plastics.

The Ob D2 equipment has a compact modular design and is characterized by high-precision system of the gas supply, dosed local powder supply and computer-controlled gun with vertical movement of the gun manipulator. Application of 1-2 powder feeders allows to generate multilayer composite coatings and mixed layer with required proportion of components. Made in Russia.

Formation of detonation mix is based on acetylene (propane-butane) and oxygen.

Composition. The equipment consists of a mobile detonation gun, the gas preparation unit and cooling system, the control panel based on industrial controller. Significant noise exposure from the equipment during the deposition process requires a sound cabin.

The main characteristics of the equipment type of fuel

type of fuelacetylene, propane-butane
auxiliary gasnitrogen or compressed air
acetylene pressure at the plant inlet 0,13±0,01 MPa
acetylene pressure at the plant output0,14±0,02 Mpa
oxygen pressure at the plant inlet 0,15±0,02 Mpa
compressed air(nitrogen) pressure at the plant output 0,18±0,02MPa
consumption of propane-butaneup to 1,1 m3/h
consumption of acetyleneup to 3,0 m3/h
consumption of oxygenup to 6,0 m3/h
consumption of compressed airup to 8,0 m3/h
frequency of plant shots up to 6 Hz
coating thickness of 1 shotfrom 4 to 20 microns
efficient use of powderno limited
performance (for WC/Co powder)65-70%
adhesion strength of coatingup to 250 Mpa
Coating porosityless 1%
coating microhardness (for WC/Co)1300 HV
type of control software
cooling of the plant trunkwater
diameter of the plant trunk16,20,25 mm
Number of powder feeders1 or 2
Power supply3x380V/50Hz
Power consumption up to 3kW
Detonation spraying
Detonation spraying

The benefits of the equipment:

  • the coating are characterized by high density and excellent bond strength with substrate, reaching solid material;
  • pulsed nature of the thermal influence during the process eliminates warping, leashes, overheating and undesirable structural changes in the material details;
  • thickness of the substrate can be less than 1 mm;
  • The coating is applied with a high rate of use of the material and with minimal allowances for subsequent machining;
  • the equipment is simple, undemanding and versatile. Supplies are cheap and widely distributed;
  • The plant is equipped with the digital control interface;

JSC "Plakart" provides a full range of services: delivery, installation, qualified after-sales service installation, a qualified repair, spare parts for it, and the organization of training of staff;


  • vertical manipulator (0-400mm) with servo-motor; noise cabin, which reduces the noise level to sanitation;
  • spare parts;
  • service and maintenance of plant by highly qualified Plakart Company specialists throughout the period of operation;
  • providing deposition technologies; supply of materials for the deposition.

High Velocity Oxy Fuel HVOF K2 by GTV Mbh, Germany – Oxy-Kerosene torch

k2 high velocity spray system

Third generation liquid fuel HVOF burner, making coatings with compressive stresses thickness 20 - 2000 μm. Equipment has low heat input. Processing of fine-grained (+5 -15 μm) and medium-graded powders (+20-53 μm)produces smooth surfaces (R < 2 μm).

Other advantages:

  • Near Net Shape Spraying
  • Optimum Decarburisation of Cermets (Tribology)
  • VPS-like Oxid Content of MCrAlY Coatings

High Velocity Oxy Fuel HVOF GLC by GTV Mbh, Germany

All Gases Massflow Controlled in conjunction with

  • Highest Control Accuracy (Tol. <1%)
  • Highest Reproducibility
  • Siemens-S7-SPS


Option on Integration of second Powder Feeder

No Water Chiller required

High Velocity Air Fuel HVAF AK by Kermetico, USA

  • Deposits coatings of metallic alloys, cemented carbides, and other metal-ceramic composite powders
  • Combustion of compressed air and gaseous fuel
  • Accurate control of spray particle temperature - operates in solid-particle and fused-particle spray modes
  • Wide range of powder particle sizes
  • High spray rates
  • Air-fuel combustion activated by a hot ceramic insert
  • Air-cooled
  • Hot air supply to combustion chamber
  • Injections of hydrogen and oxygen for accurate control of spray particle temperature and velocity

Air plasma spray APS by GTV Mbh, Germany

Plasma spraying equipment type MF-P1000 (100 kW, 1000 A, PLC- and mass flow controlled) consist mainly of components listed in the table below. There are alsocompact plasma spraying systems available.

  • Plasma control panel type VIP 6000 with Siemens Operator Panel type MP277/PC677
  • Visualisation software: Protool or WinCC

  • Separate SPS cabin with Siemens SPS type S7 U300 control unit
  • Separate gas cabin with mass flow controllers
  • Jam Box: current water transition with cooling water control and HF ignition
  • 100 kW chopper electrical power supply PPC 2002 with continuously variable current ranging from 20 A (!) up to 1000 A (up to 120 V (working) voltage)
  • GTV plasma spraying gun type F6 with fast connectors (other available guns : F1, F4, 3/7/9MB, P2, SG100, 3K Magnum, Delta )
  • GTV powder feeder PF2/2 (type Twin 10); closed-loop powder mass flow controlled powder feeders, also available powder feeders: Mark XV, Miller 1264
  • Heat exchanger type PC250/VWK320 or special solutions, also with energy recovering
  • Complete hose and cable set (length dependend on customers demands)
  • Detailed documentation

Compact plasma spray equipment by GTV, Germany

Plasma equipment mf-p 1000 C

MF-P 1000 C Compact plasma spray systems

Plasma spray systems PLC compact and are fully PLC and mass flow controlled. Such systems attract more and more customers.

The ergonomically styled operator panel contains the complete electrical control that mainly consists of the Siemens SPS type S7 and the Siemens Touch Panel TP 177B. The adjustment and management of the spray parameters will be performed via the touch screen of the operator panel. The actual operation of the plant is carried out with heavy duty push buttons and keys. The easy and clearly readable colour monitor offers the possibility of an uncomplicated process monitoring.

Inside the gas control unit all components for a safe and reproducable gas flow control are installed.

In combination with the integrated powder feeder gas control and electrical control units are united in a compact „All in One“-plasma spray system.

GTV MF-P 1000 C systems includes:

„All in One“ Unit with the follwoing dimensions: 600 x 600 x 1.300 mm (L x W x H)

  • Siemens S7 PLC
  • Siemens Operator Panel TP 177B
  • Mass flow controller 100 l/min for Argon (primary plasma gas)
  • Mass flow controller 15 l/min for hydrogen (secondary plasma gas)
  • Mass flow controller 10 l/min for argon (carrier gas)
  • Pressure sensor for argon inlet pressure
  • Pressure sensor for hydrogen inlet pressure
  • Powder feeder GTV series 402.815 (1.5 liter volume) with mixer
  • Gas warning sensor with alarm unit

GTV MF-P 1000 C compact plasma spray systems are available with the following plasma torches:

  1. F4 Torch (GTV 300.000)
  2. Robust, commonly used single cathode - single anode plasma torch

    f4 torch

    F4 torch is also available with special handle for manual coating operation.

    f4 torch
  3. F6 Torch (GTV 300.001)
  4. In comparison to F4 torch F6 torch features improved maintenance friendliness due to fast connector system

    f6 torch
  5. P2 Torch (GTV 302.000)
  6. p2 torch
    • The P2 torch is based on the same technology like F4 torch and contains identical nozzles and gas distribution rings. Electrodes show identical tip geometry, but are not contact cooled and not directly cooled by cooling water
    • Optimized parameter sets of F4 torch can be used with P2 torch 1 : 1
    • Compact torch that is also suitable for coating of internal surfaces

    F7 Torch (GTV 347.000)

    • Special torch for coating of internal surfaces
    • Bores with minimum diameter of 90 mm can be coated
    • This torch uses the same support like F6 torch and so switching between the two torches is possible with negligible time for modification of the setup
    f7 torch

    Additionally PLC plasma spray systems are available with the following torches: 3MB, 9MB, 11MB, F1, SG100, SG200.

    Flame spray FS-15 by Plakart, Russia

    fs-15 flame spray gun

    FS-15 gun is equipped with a wire feed unit that is powered by an electric motor. The wire feed rate can be adjusted continuously variable. Equipment is used to make:

    • Al,
    • Zn,
    • NI,
    • Fe,
    • and Co-based coatings

    Commonly wires with 2.3 mm, 3.17 mm and 4.76 mm diameter are applied. Depending on the desired properties of coatings in use very low or very high porosity coatings can be produced.

    Twin Arc Wire Spark 400 by GTV Mbh, Germany

    Twin Arc Wire Spark 400

    Arc spraying systems type SPARC 400 are delivered with heavy duty rolls in order to permit reliable mobility for on-site coating applications. The demountable display allows setting and monitoring of all relevant process parameters, while the spraying process is watched. There is possibility to save recipes of process parameter sets

    Technical data:

    • Supply voltage: 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz
    • Power:22 kVA
    • Efficiency cos.phi: 0.98
    • Mains fuse:32 A
    • Supply wiring:4 x 6 mm²
    • Output current:400 A
    • Output volatge:10 - 70 V

    PPS 250 series from KSK, Czech Republic

    PPC 250 GMR

    PPC 250 GMR

    Plasma surfacing automate PPC 250 FCS is destined for surfacing of shaped parts (frontal, final and mouth glass moulds etc.) rotary parts from face or on the circuit (seats, wedges and cones of armatures, centring rings, bottoms and closing heads of glass moulds etc. ), non-rotary parts from face, by a method PTA with powder.

    • positioning system of torch, controlled in 4 axes
    • positioner of surfaced part controlled in 2 axes
    • programming by a method "demonstrate and execute"
    • programming in dialog
    • surfacing by means of powder

    PPC 250 PTM

    PPC 250 PTM

    Plasma surfacing automate PPC 250 PTM is destined for surfacing of rotary parts from face or onto circuit (seats, wedges and cones of armatures, diffusers, snails, boards etc.) by a PTA method.

    • positioning system of torch controlled in 3 axes
    • positioner of surfaced part controlled in 2 axis
    • programming by a method "demonstrate and execute"
    • programming in dialog
    • surfacing by means of powder, wire, hot wire

    PPC 250 R

    PPC 250 R

    Plasma surfacing automate PPC 250 R is destined for surfacing of rotary parts from face or onto the circuit (seats. wedges and cones of armatures, centring rings, bottoms and closing heads of glass moulds, valves and seats of combustion engines etc.) by a PTA method.

    • positioning system of the torch, controlled in 2 axes
    • positioner of surfaced part controlled in 1 axis
    • manual tilting of positioner by 90°
    • programming by a method "demonstrate and execute"
    • programming in dialog
    • surfacing by means of powder
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